Our Technology

Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry strives to stay up-to-date with digital technology that is incorporated into practices
to enhance and simplify procedures.
The technology allows our dental office to offer advanced, more streamlined services, accept more patients, and provide treatments with greater efficiency.
Our staff members are fully trained to use the cutting-edge technology in the office.

We use digital X-Ray sensors, decreased radition to the patients. We do not use any chemicals to process the X-Ray images. We are a Green Office therefore there is no environmental impact.

We also use VELscopeĀ® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System, a Cancer Screening Device.
This device for the visualization of: Viral, fungal and bacterial infections,
inflammation from a variety of causes (lichen planus and lichenoid reactions, allergy to amalgam fillings, etc.),
Squamous papillomas, Salivary gland tumors, Cancer and pre-cancer, and other oral mucosal conditions.

We use the best LED technology!
Our LED dental operatory lights provide optimum illumination required for comfortable dental procedures.
The main factors that determine the quality of dental operating lights are ease of use, the ability to give bright and uniform illumination at the area of work and the comfort it provides to the patient and the dentist.
These dental lights are very suitable for the needs of modern dental treatment. They consume very little power, minimize glare and produce focused near natural light without producing too much heat.

Our office also utilize the Carestream CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner.
The CS 3500 delivers 2D and 3D images in high resolution and in true color. Colored 3D scans allows the dentist to easily define the margin lines and identify the differences between natural tooth structure and existing restorations.
This makes restoration planning more accurate for the dentist.